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Mail In - FAQ's

Q. Is your mail in process safe?
A. YES, your kit is traceable and insured via Canada Post. Validation of what you have sent in is captured via video.

Q. What about Privacy?
A.Your information is kept completely confidential as per Gold Network Canada's privacy policy.

Q. What type of items can I send in?
A.We accept anything containing Gold, platinum, palladium and other precious metals, such as necklaces, charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, cufflinks, pins or other jewellery. Coins and gold bars are also acceptable ....even dental work!

Q. What about stones in pieces?
A.We do take pieces with stones in them, however no stones are returned. If it something you wish to keep. Please have it removed before you send the piece.

Q. Why can't we get a quote on the phone or the website?
A.The price of Gold fluctuates on a daily basis. Also, until our trained staff analyzes an item and performs a test on the material, we have no way of independently verifying that the item is as it as represented to us. Since any price we quote in advance of receiving your items would be different from the actual offer, we simply avoid this practice. Remember: Your SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED or your precious metals are returned to you.NO OBLIGATION!

Q. How is the Payout Price determined?
A.The payout price is based on 3 factors.

  1. The karat
  2. The weight in grams
  3. The price of gold.

Your gold goes directly to our refinery allowing us to cut out the middleman.

Q. How long does it take to process my cheque?
A.Your cheque will be issued within 24 hours of your items being appraised. Please allow sufficient time for your cheque to arrive in the mail to you. Cheques over $1000 will be sent out overnight delivery.

Q. What happens if I change my mind?
A.We Buy Gold - Niagara offers a Satisfaction Guarantee and has had thousands of satisfied customers. If however you are unhappy with the amount you receive for your jewellery, simply call us and return the cheque so that it arrives in our offices within ten (10) days of the date that appears on the cheque. After we receive your cheque, your items will be returned to you within 15 days.

Q. What happens if I forget to call and return my cheque?
A.In the event we do not receive a call from you and our cheque returned within ten (10) days, we will process the property you have sent to us. Once processed, the property cannot be recovered.

Q. Does Gold Network Canada return my non-precious items?
A.Items not containing precious metals will not be returned by We Buy Gold- Niagara. You may request these items be returned at your expense.

Host a Gold Party - FAQ's

Q. Why host a Gold Party?
A.Everyone loves a party and now you have a fun way to enjoy an evening with friends letting them leave with some extra spending money, while making money of your own hosting the event. The host will receive 10% of the total amount of gold purchased. These parties are great fun and you guests will talk about it for days.

Q. Why would people want to come to a Gold Party?
A.It's a great excuse to get together with friends and family. Everyone has unwanted or even old and broken gold jewellery. Just look in your own jewellery box. You'll be amazed at what you find. PLUS.... by inviting your friends and family you will have created a safe and comfortable environment for them to sell their Gold.

Q. Will my guests receive a fair price?
A.YES....The Gold goes directly to our refinery allowing us to cut out the middle man and pay you and your guests TOP DOLLAR for their unwanted gold jewellery. This is truly a win/win for all. An offer is made and there is of course no obligation to sell.

Q. How do I organize a Gold Party?
A.Your We Buy Gold - Niagara Representative will gladly supply you with a kit containing everything you need to host a great fun filled party.

Q. I know nothing about Gold. Do I need to know how to price Gold?
A.Your Representative will have all the training and equipment necessary to take care of everything. You just need to join in the fun.

Q. What if some of my guests are interested in hosting a party of their own after attending mine?
A.This happens quite often. Your representative can make arrangements with them to host a party of their own. As a Thank you we will also pay you 2% of their Gold Party total.

Warmest Regards,
Jeff Wallis

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